If there is a need to a extend student’s scholarship due the failure of one or more units, the student iis required to submit a formal application to the Director of Studies at the EAUC for approval.
Applicants will need to provide a substantive explanation for the extension request. The application should also be accompanied by supporting documents, confirming their academic status as well as reports from the university. Students must also specify the options available to them to in order to complete the program. 
Intending students will need to submit their Online Examination Result Form - Online ERF, and support documents within two (2) weeks of the announcement of final results. Once the application is complete, EAUC will forward the application for course extension to the Scholarship Division, Ministry of Education for approval.

  • Please remember that approval takes time and may not be so forthcoming.
  • Students are expected to initially pay for supplementary modules, resits, repeat modules, replacement courses on their own. They should expect a payment invoice from the university.
  • Once approval is given, the student can submit a request for reimbursement.​

Effective 30 Jan 2016 as per MORA directive JPI/PK4(UB)/44/2013, the Ministry will no longer approve its scholars applications for:

  • course extension, or
  • semester repeat.

MORA scholars who intends to apply for course extension or semester repeat, are advised to fund their own studies till completion. own funds.

SBPP recipients who have failed their modue(s) and need to extend their course semester in order to repeat or replace the failed module, are expected to pay for the failed module(s) themselves. MOE will not include this in the student loan and therefore does not reimburse the failed/repeat/replacement module(s). EAUC will inform the university of this arrangement and will invoice the payment to the students affected directly.

Updated: 29 March 2017

Student with academic issues are advised to make full use of the support provided by the University to improve their grades. EAUC recommends students to re-evaluate their academic plans. Students can either:talk to their lecturer, program coordinator or consult the university counselor for help and advice.

Students intending on applying for course/semester extension are required to do the following.

  • Submit the Online Examination Result Form - Online ERF at least two (2) weeks after results are realeased,
  • Write a letter to the Director of Studies seeking course/semester extension
  • Email a pdf copy of the Academic Transcripts/Statements to studen[email protected];
  • Arrange for your lecuturer (of the failed module) to complete and submit a detailed Online Academic Progress Report - Online APR.
  • Academic Plan

EAUC will only forward your application to the Scholarship Division or Higher Education once your submissions are complete. However approval may take sometime to come and students may be asked by the University to pay for the repeat/replacement module. Students eligible for a reimbursement can send their claim once approval is granted.

Online Application for Reimbursement - Online AFR4