Back-to-Brunei Form - BTB 
The Online Back-to-Brunei Form (online BTB) is for all final year students including MOE, DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD, and including SBPP recipients, to submit at least 3 days before departure to Brunei. Students are also required to email EAUC a copy of the following support documents.

  • University letter of program completion,
  • Degree/Master/PhD certification, and
  • Overall Academic Transcript (from the first until final semester).

The BTB provides closure to students returning back and provides a checklist of current academic, financial (allowances), travel, and shipping status. Students are required to print out the Online BTB and provide a copy when they report to the Scholarship Division.

Once in Brunei, students are advised to report within one (1) week to the Scholarship Division. Students are to provide the following during reporting.

  • Letter of Course Completion from university,
  • Qualification Certificate,
  • Academic Transcripts/Statements, and
  • Project, Dissertation or Thesis.

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