The Brunei Students in Australia and New Zealand (BSANZ) Association was created out of the need to unify the different student associations under one umbrella. It envisions to connect all Bruneian students across different universities, cities and states throughout Australia and New Zealand. Its formation also created a platform for everyone who shares a love for Brunei to work together.
The founding of BSANZ has enabled student leaders of different backgrounds and experiences across Australia and New Zealand to get to know one another and collaborate through formal and informal associations. The affiliated student bodies are as follows:
  • Bruneians Around Sydney Society - BASS;
  • Brunei Students Society of Brisbane - BSSBNE;
  • Brunei Student Society Melbourne - BSSMELB;
  • Brunei Students Association in Western Australia - BSAWA; and
  • Brunei Student Association, New Zealand - BSANZ.
BSANZ is a student body run by students for students. With a membership of more than 400 students, its mission is to strengthen the unity among all Bruneian students and protect their rights and interests within  Australia and New Zealand.
It provides its members with a variety of student services which include social functions, religious events, cultural activities and sports meets. It aims to ease the transition into campus life without losing touch of Bruneian roots.


  • Unify all Brunei students under one umbrella, while valuing individuality and diversity.
  • Assist social interaction among Bruneian students and cultivate a sense of community and belonging.
  • Instill affiliation and loyalty to Brunei Darussalam and our Monarch.
  • Evoke a sense of national identity amongst Bruneian students and promote and strengthen unity among them.
  • To protect the rights and interests of Bruneians studying in Australia.
  • Promote better understanding between Bruneians and students of other nationalities, especially those from our ASEAN neighbour countries.    


The Education Attache Unit, Canberra as the sole representative of the Brunei’s Ministry of Education, is the designated advisory body to the BSANZ. 
EAUC will mentor and support the programs and activities of BSANZ and its affiliates.

Executive Committee

  • As BSANZ is a student-centered body that represents all Brunei students in Australia and New Zealand, and involvement in its
  • Executive committee will give firsthand experience and educate students in leadership, social responsibility, and values.
  • The executive committee will be made up of elected BSANZ’s affiliates. All members have the right to choose who sits in the executive committee either by vote, choice or consensus. The Presidency will be based on a rotational basis. The time spent and energy put in will provide maximum opportunities for self-realization and individual growth.


Any Bruneian studying in Australia and New Zealand is a member of BSANZ. Its membership is automatic and covers both government-sponsored scholars and private students.

Membership is FREE but affiliates are permitted to seek financial contributions from its members to run programs and activities. BSANZ also provides members the opportunity to acquire and develop their social skills and leadership capacity.


BSANZ programs and activities should enrich and complement the academic experience of campus life. They may take various forms, including religious, cultural, educational, social and recreational.
It is prudent for BSANZ to move beyond catering to the needs of Bruneian students and also provide opportunities for local and other international students to learn more about Brunei’s culture and way of life.

Programs should, among others, seek to;
  • Celebrate all things Bruneian, from people, culture, festivals to food;

  • Safeguard the interest, integrity and welfare of Bruneians students;
  • Nurture the inherent values of the Bruneian people and community;
  • Promote harmony, unity and sense of belonging among Bruneian students; and
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration with the community, other student bodies and organisations.
As a sanctioned student body endorsed by the EAU, BSANZ is expected to organize and run a variety programs, and activities annually including national and Islamic religious events.


Student Association Committee (SAC)
To be submitted within TWO (2) weeks of the election of a new committee by the newly elected president.

Student Association Student Membership (SAM)
To be submitted within FOUR (4) weeks of the election of a new committee by the newly elected secretary.

Proposal for Student Association Activities (PSA)
To be submitted SIX (6) weeks before the proposed activity